Tool Shape and Specifications Manufacturing Processes 2

Corresponding to a multifaceted spectrum of parts, a broad range of different tools is used in honing, particularly in longitudinal stroke honing of holes. The differ­ences are a result on the one hand of a range of diameter of approximately 2 to 1500 mm. The amount of space available in a given hole and different require­ments on rigidity and accuracy limit the respectively calibrated tool forms.

On the other hand, the tool must be calibrated in terms of both its feed kinemat­ics and the shape of the honing stones and their arrangement to the geometry of the workpiece (blind hole honing, interrupted cut) and to properties of the un­machined part (shape errors, workpiece material, type of pre-machining). Fig. 7­20 shows some honing tool types often used.



Feeding cone @ Honing stone @ Guide rail

2 Honing stone carrier @ Return spring (revolving)

Fig. 7-20. Feed principles of frequently used honing tool types

Tool Shape and Specifications
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