Рубрика: Life Cycle and Sustainability of Abrasive Tools

More Synthesis Methods

Besides a direct transformation of graphite into diamond and the most common synthesis technique with molten catalyst, there are more synthesis methods [WEDL77]. These are Shock Wave Synthesis, growth from carbon molt and chemical diamond deposition from gas phase (Chemical vapor deposition, CVD). During CVD synthesis, carbon-containing gas like methane is disintegrated in presence of […]

Grinding Wheel Micro-design—Abrasive Layer and Wear

The performance of a grinding wheel, however, is not only a complicated function of all grinding wheel parameters such as grain nature and grain dimensions, nature of bond material, volumetric composition of the wheel etc., but, as said before, depends on the grinding conditions also [DECN70]. Micro-design of grinding wheels, i. e. structure and composition […]

Life Cycle Inventory of Grinding Processes

7.2.1 Evaluating Sustainability of Unit Processes In addition to economic, environmental and social sustainability, the technological dimension needs to be considered as a fourth dimension. Yuan et al. [YUAN12] suggest three strategies to increase sustainability in manufacturing processes: (1) Optimizing of the manufacturing technology by detecting and changing the parameters that affect material and energy […]