Рубрика: Life Cycle and Sustainability of Abrasive Tools


Tools are characterized by tool shape and abrasive layer composition. The tool shape specification follows DIN ISO 525 and DIN ISO 603, FEPA standards, ANSI B74.2 (conventional tools), or ANSI B74.3 (superabrasive tools) [DIN00a, DIN00b]. In addition, the wheel specification often includes company specific terms as well as the used standard. Table 4.1 shows typical […]

Other Methods

The dynamical cutting edge number results from the process kinematics and can be obtained with a thermo-element inside the machined workpiece. Each impulse during grinding should indicate a grit-workpiece contact [PEKL57, DAUD60]. The smaller the contact area of the thermo-element is, the more reliably the temperature peaks can be related to grits. Luminescence offers another […]