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In order to make a sufficient analysis of the grinding process, a number of influ­ences must be taken into account, and their relevance of their respective effects on the process must be evaluated. Some essential input parameters are the grinding tool, the workpiece to be machined, the variables as well as influences derivable from cooling lubricants, the grinding machine or the machine environment.

In the case of the grinding tool, besides its geometry, its specification is also of particular importance. The material used as well as its heat treatment condition is influential on the grinding process. The geometry of the component to be ground influences the process kinematics and its static and dynamic rigidity during ma­chining.

The machining goal can only be achieved by means of a targeted selection of variables as well as an engagement preparation of the grinding wheel that is adapted to the respective machining task. The type of process execution, i. e. the design of the process steps roughing, finishing and sparking-out, is also decisive with respect to workpiece quality. Moreover, cooling lubrication also claims sig­nificant importance for the process and its result. Cooling lubricants with their various cooling and lubricating properties as well as the supply system used influ­ence the chip formation process, grinding tool wear, and last but not least, the cut­ting forces.

Further influences can be derived from the grinding machine with its static and dynamic rigidity behaviour. These dynamic characteristics are often the reason for undesirable process disturbances, e. g. rattling oscillations, which can also be caused by the environment of the grinding machine.

Grinding process design is a highly complex task due to the large number of in­fluential factors and their interaction. In the following, we will take a closer in­spection of the most essential of hitherto mentioned process input parameters and their effects on process result and parameters.

Process Design
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