Evaluation of Grit Analysis and Sorting Techniques Life Cycle and Sustainability of Abrasive Tools

The sorting method affects the variance of grit characteristics in a batch. This has a direct correlation to tool manufacturing and tool performance. One has to be aware that variances in the process chain add up. A narrow distribution band of grit characteristics defines the tool performance more precisely. This potentially leads to highly efficient Read more

Slotted Tools Life Cycle and Sustainability of Abrasive Tools

Slotted tools or so-called segmented tools consist of a discontinuous abrasive layer either with geometrically defined or undefined cavities [KIRC10, p. 9]. Grooves can be perpendicular to the wheel perimeter or inclined. The so-called T-Tool wheel consists of a metal bonded, segmented superabra­sive layer and can significantly reduce forces and temperatures in SiC grinding compared Read more